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Persona Holds First 25th Anniversary Livestream

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During the summer, Atlus posted a teaser website celebrating the upcoming 25th anniversary of Persona. On this website, they teased seven mystery projects that were going to tie into Persona though they left what they actually were a mystery. Soon after, a job listing and an official statement confirmed that Persona 6 was in development which made sense as multiple people had assumed one of the unnamed projects hinted at might be a reveal of said game.

Yesterday marked the first day of their 25th anniversary and with it came the first grouping of announcements in the form of a live stream event. In it, Persona 5‘s mascot character Morgonna took the stage as the newly appointed ambassador for the franchises 25th anniversary and congratulated Atlus on their stellar run with their high school life sim and demon slayer JRPG hybrid.

Morganna then announced a slew of information about upcoming events, with everything being labeled under the “Persona 25th Times” content banner. There was a large focus during this on the Japanese market, but hopefully, we will see these in the west as well.

For starters, it was announced that all previous Persona anime series would be made available for streaming on Amazon Prime, Hulu, and others in the Japanese markets. This will include Persona 4, Persona 4 Golden, and Persona 5 series, the Persona 3 movie, and Persona Trinity Soul the long-forgotten original animation.

Another concert featuring music from the franchise will also be taking place on November 21 at the Tokyo Opera City Hall. It will feature some of your favorite songs from the series history getting classical rearrangements. Unfortunately, while tickets go on sale now, Japan is still enforcing very strict travel regulations meaning if you do not live in Japan you most likely cannot attend. Since digital events have become very popular over the last year there is hope the concert MIGHT offer something similar but there is no word as of yet.

Lastly came the announcement of limited timed merchandise to coincide with the 25th anniversary. There will include tie-ins to all the games so if you are interested head over to the Atlus Store and see if anything catches your fancy.

The event then confirmed that we will be getting out next batch of information in December of this year. While it was clear that a lot of the stuff being teased earlier this year would be events and merch we do know there is a game or two as part of the announcements as well, we will just have to wait to see them.

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