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Persona 5 The Royal Revealed By Atlus
Persona 5 The Royal Revealed By Atlus

Persona 5: The Royal Revealed By Atlus

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After months of anticipation on what Atlus was bringing with their Persona 5 R tease, today we’ve learned a few more details about the recently revealed title, Persona 5: The Royal.

In the short teaser, Atlus showed off the setting of Persona 5 along with a new female character, presumably being added to the story of Persona 5 similar to Marie in Persona 4: Golden on the Vita.

Check out the new short teaser for Persona 5: The Royal below:

Though in Japanese, a translation of the dialogue in the teaser was provided via Gematsu:

“What do you think of the Phantom Thieves?” asks a mysterious voice. The female character then responds, “I think helping people is a wonderful thing, but if I had to say, I don’t like them. I don’t think the Phantom Thieves’ methods will make the world a better place or help anyone. In the end, I feel like you can only solve that yourself.”

There’s not much else to go on following the new teaser. We know the name of the title and witnessed a new character reveal for the Persona 5 world, but the rest still remains a mystery. For those hoping for a Switch release, the teaser only displayed the PlayStation logo, so I wouldn’t hold your breath for it quite yet.

Ending the teaser also came another date we can assume will give us more details on the title. On April 24, 2019 – which is the same date for the Persona Super Live concert – Atlus will drop another dose of info for Persona 5: The Royal. Until then, stay tuned.

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Source: Atlus, Gematsu


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