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Persona 5 crew
Persona 5 crew

Persona 5: Scramble – New Gameplay Trailer

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We can all admit that Persona 5 is probably one of the best RPGs to be released this generation and it was a PlayStation 3 release as well. Over 80 hours of gameplay to be found in just one playthrough not to mention the doors and options New Game+ brings to the table. Persona 5 released over three years ago to blistering popularity. Atlus isn’t done with the Persona 5 franchise yet as Persona 5: The Royal is getting set to release overseas next week. The somewhat ugly duckling though is Persona 5: Scramble. P5S up until its actual reveal on a Nintendo Direct was speculated to be a port of the original Persona 5 to the Nintendo Switch. To most fans dismay P5S ended up being a Dynasty Warriors type game with Persona 5 characters in the mix. We haven’t heard much about the game since its announcement but today Atlus has dropped a brand new trailer for the game.

The new trailer for Persona 5: Scramble reveals a lot of new features that we didn’t necessarily see in the debut trailer. First off the game has that signature Persona 5 style with the graffiti and acid jazz-filled soundtrack. What caught me off-guard was how much further the game goes with the Persona 5 style we’ve grown to love. The audio from jumping, menu selection and most importantly brand new animated cutscenes featuring our Phantom Thieves all add a dimension to the game I wasn’t aware of. It looks like all our favorite Thieves are returning and this trailer shows some gameplay with the new character that was revealed in the debut trailer.

I have to admit Persona 5: Scramble is starting to grow on me and the close adaption to the original Persona 5 is really tugging at me. What about you? Are you interested in Persona 5: Scramble, will you be picking it up in 2020? Let us know and make sure you follow Gaming Instincts on Facebook and Twitter.

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