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Persona 5 ‘Ryuji All-Out Attack’ Gameplay

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Persona 5 ‘Ryuji All-Out Attack’ Gameplay

Atlus announced the return of the All-Out Attack in previous footage of Persona 5. All-Out Attacks have been a staple feature of combat in the series, allowing the entire team to strike at once with an extra powerful, synchronized attack after an enemy has been knocked down.

1 More allows an extra attack after landing a critical hit or exploiting a weakness. These extra attacks can stack over one or more enemies, creating an opportunity for a potentially devastating All-Out Attack. We still don’t know which kinds of magic elements and melee weapons will appear in Persona 5, but if enemies can score repeated 1 More hits on your party, careful battle strategy and party / persona choice will be critical to success in the game.

Persona 5 will be available in Japan on September 15, North America on February 16 next year, and Europe sometime in 2017.

Check out the Trailer:

“This is a feature that has been in the series since Persona 2 where, when all enemies on the battlefield are stunned, usually thanks to a critical or using an element they’re weak against, your entire party will jump into the fray and unleash hell. This is the exact same case with Persona 5, but it has been put together in an even more stylish way.”

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