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Persona 5 Launches February 14 in Europe

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Persona 5 Launches February 14 in Europe

Persona 5 will make its way west early next year when Atlus’ JRPG sequel hits North America on February 14, 2017 for PS4 and PS3.

However, when news broke that Deep Silver would be handling all Atlus releases in Europe going forward, including the long awaited and anticipated Persona 5, players became hopeful that this might change going forward. The lack of concrete release dates was definitely a potentially ominous sign- but for a bit, European Atlus fans allowed themselves to hope.

Additionally, the publisher has also confirmed that both the SteelBook and Premium Editions will also be offered in Europe, priced at $89.99, the package bundles together a 64-page hardcover art book and soundtrack along with a plush of Morgana, who looks set to occupy a similar role to Teddy from Persona 4.

“If you’re still thinking: “Why 2017!? You promised us 2015, and then 2016! Now it’s 2017?!!!?!” Well, the biggest factor in the 2017 release date is attention to detail. When we show off Persona 5 footage at E3 next week (Next week!), I think you’ll understand what we mean. We’re making sure every bit is in place. Persona has exponentially grown as a franchise, and considering that this is our first numbered sequel since 2008, ATLUS is taking its time to ensure this is the best possible experience.”

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