Pelagia – Hard Time Attack Speed Slaying Guide

Pelagia – Hard Time Attack Speed Slaying Guide

Here comes Pelagia, everyone’s favorite and most stable Colossus. Not. You get 9 minutes, 30 seconds to take down this water beast, so get ready for a long and, due to the physics, somewhat stressful fight. Pelagia is not necessarily a super hard fight, but the physics do make it a little annoying. Your objective is to climb his body and guide him toward one of the platforms to be able to jump underneath his body and stab his one and only vital point.

At the start of the fight, swim toward the right side of his back and get as close as possible to him. Hold R2 to try to grab on to his grassy-looking fur. Once you get a good grip, start pressing the X button to slowly jump up from bump to bump on his back until you get to the top. However, you want to be careful when you’re jumping because sometimes you’ll be getting knocked around. Due to his movement and shakiness, be ready to hold R2 at any moment.

Once you’re on top of his head you will see multiple teeth around it. You want to hit those teeth to make Pelagia move in the direction you need. If you hit his front teeth, he will go forward; right teeth to the right, and of course left teeth to the left. This is where it gets annoying because the physics here get really wonky and super sensitive, so be careful, or you’ll end up flying off him.

When you get him close to one of the platforms, aim yourself and jump to the edge of the platform. Pelagia will sometimes try to shoot you with his lasers, and when that happens, you will see his horns light up. Run behind the small pillar that’s in the middle of the platform to dodge the laser and then come back around and shoot him in the face with your bow to get his attention. Pelagia will then push himself down into the water and pull himself up on to the platform. When that happens, you want to run toward him, jump off the edge and hold R2 to grab on to his underbelly, which is where the sigil is. You have very limited time to hit that sigil; at maximum, you’ll be able to get a total of three full charges on him.

Repeat this whole process two more times and you should kill him. After you do this the second time Pelagia will destroy one of the pillars, leaving you will only two to choose from. This should not be a big deal, so don’t worry about it. Just lead him to the pillar that’s closest to him. Once you do this the third time, he will be dead.

Please refer to the fully detailed commentary video guide down below if you’re having difficulties or if you just simply prefer a visual guide instead.

Video Guide

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