Payday 2: The Big Score Info – PS4 & Xbox One

Payday 2: The Big Score Info – PS4 & Xbox One

Payday 2: The Big Score includes the base game and all the DLC released so far on PC.

All DLC released up until the end of 2015 will be a part of the pack.

PAYDAY 2 CRIMEWAVE EDITION – THE BIG SCORE is the latest addition to the PAYDAY family and it’s packed with the most content in the history of the franchise. PD2:CE-THE BIG SCORE has all the DLC from PD2 that has been released up through the end of 2015.

That’s right, all the heists, weapons, characters, masks and more… it’s coming to console. That includes 10 pieces of premium DLC – over $60 in DLC value – and 20 pieces of free DLC content too! it is the biggest score in the history of PAYDAY!

“The long-suffering console-based community for the popular Payday 2 series are a patient bunch as the PC community continues to be fed DLC like kings, while the famished console peasants wait for new content to sink their teeth into. However, their patience has been tested in recent times as it emerged that it had ticked over 400 days since the last update for the Crimewave Edition on PS4 and Xbox One. A representative for Overkill, the games developer, explained the implementation of console patches was the main reason for the delay in additional content being made available to Crimewave Edition players and that the company was making every attempt to make the content available ASAP.”

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