Paragon New Hero Revealed – Greystone

Paragon New Hero Revealed – Greystone

Paragon’s lineup of playable heroes became a little bit larger earlier today with the introduction of Greystone, a new tanky character that seems to be based on the Flame Knight archetype.

Greystone’s best skill is “Assault the Gates”, an ability that allows him to focus on high-priority targets and quickly close the gap in order to engage them in melee. Assault the Gates can also be used to close in on groups of opponents and then combine it with “Make Way”, an attack that deals AoE damage to all enemies around him. If jumping into the thick of things might not necessarily sound like a great idea don’t worry because Greystone can handle quite a bit of punishment thanks to his passive ability, Stoic, which grants him bonus resistances. If all else fails, Greystone’s ultimate “Reforged” makes him pretty much immortal as once the hero’s health is depleted he will turn to stone and be revived moments later. Paragon puts a little spin on the formula by reviving Greystone with only a portion of his health and making him knock back enemies upon respawning instead of slowing them down.

Greystone will become playable starting next Tuesday so make sure to grab a Founder’s Pack and try him out if you don’t already own one. ( Only on PS4)

Check out the Trailer:

“How Greystone will perform against the other heroes remains to be seen, the game is in a strange place right now as Epic continue struggle with balancing on casters. There’s also the much debated travel mode (now called auto sprint) which Epic say they are going to remove. Once they remove the ability to move around the map at a quicker pace, it could be the end of the game for many players, it is an important feature that helps Paragon stand out in a crowded MOBA market.”

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