Paragon Early Access Gameplay Launch Trailer


Paragon Early Access Gameplay Launch Trailer

Paragon is a third-person shooter/strategy game where you can choose unique Heroes, earn cards to customize their abilities, and lead their teams to victory.

If you are a fan of MOBAS, you are in the right place, players will be able to pay for early access to Epic Games’ upcoming MOBA  Paragon on March 14, and everyone else will be able to jump into the game just four days later on March 18.

You can purchase cosmetic items for Paragon’s heroes, as well as experience boosts and battle items. The game’s card and deck system, which is set to replace item shops found in League of Legends and Dota 2, will also not be subject to paid content.

Paragon will release for Steam (PC) and PS4.

Check the Early Access Launch Trailer:

“From the start, our team set out to create a competitive MOBA in partnership with players. From the moment we could, we invited passionate gamers to join us in playing Paragon each week, and share their thoughts and ideas. We’ve worked hard to be responsive, to make changes and improvements with each weekly build.

Now, with the beginning of Early Access, we’re taking the next step in opening up the game to more people. Players who want to get a head start in playing with a small, enthusiastic community, and help shape the evolution of the game can join us by buying a Founder’s Pack. Paragon will be in free Open Beta this summer, so if you’d rather wait, we’d love for you to play then.”

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