Pandemic Express

Pandemic Express Is Now Free to Play

Publisher Tinybuild has announced that its zombie survival game Pandemic Express is now able to download for free. The publisher has said that, anyone who bought the game will be given 2000 stars and will be granted access to all music tracks in game.

In Pandemic Express – Zombie Escape, a group of humans try to outrun a player-controlled swarm of infected. Everyone spawns in a train station until one is randomly infected and needs to turn fleeing survivors into zombies. Survivors try to escape by train.

A new trailer was released sharing the news:

  • Pandemic Express is now free
  • You earn stars for playing matches
  • You can spend these stars on costumes, emojis, and in-game music
  • If you don’t have enough time to earn stars, you can simply buy them
  • All original buyers of the game are getting 2,000 stars to buy whatever you want — thank you so much for being with us from the start!

A mixed opinion is shared by the players through Steam, the game released back in September 2019, and what players are complaining is that there is no one to play with. This game is entirely multiplayer. North America servers are shut down, this means players who get together reports high latency and other problems.

One of the ‘Most Helpful’ reviews in Steam comes from an impartial player who shares his experience and points and the game’s negative aspect.

It just feels like early beta version of a game that has few interesting ideas but you cant enjoy them much since gameplay just doesnt seem right. While you dont risk anything to check it out I really doubt that you will play more than hour or two. If you want arcady zombie escape experience then CSGO seems like way better option
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