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Overwatch Reveals New Hero Sombra

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Overwatch Reveals New Hero Sombra

Sombra has finally been revealed in a cinematic short, and all details of her abilities have also arrived on the official site. Sombra is an offensive class hero toting a machine pistol, with cloaking and hacking abilities as well as a translocator beacon and EMP.

Sombra was a gifted young hacker who wanted to expose the corruption inherent to big corporations in the aftermath of the Omnic uprising. She teamed up with the Los Muertos gang as they said they would be able to help her, however appeared to be more interested in furthering their own control over the world and she rebelled against them. They retaliated by tracking down all details of her personal life, exposing her, and forcing her to burn her identity overnight. She then joined the Talon organisation, now equipped with bio-implants to allow her to hack anything without a computer, and continued to subvert their plans to destabilise global politics for her own ends, as shown in the cinematic trailer.

Check out the Trailer:

“While some are committed to deciphering this next riddle, the Overwatch community at large is extremely fed up. Both the subreddit and the official forums have filled up with angry threads criticizing Blizzard. With such a long countdown, players expected a big reveal but instead have another disappointing twist in an ARG that many feel is losing momentum.

Not to mention that Sombra’s appearance might have already been spoiledearlier this month when a Russian Overwatch group leaked what appeared to be internal documents that included the first image of Sombra. Without any major teases to keep fans going, Blizzard’s Sombra reveal is definitely proving more frustrating than fun. Here’s hoping something worthwhile happens soon.”

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