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Baptiste Overwatch
Baptiste Overwatch

Overwatch New Hero Will Be Available on All Platforms Next Week

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Blizzard’s online hero-based first person shooter will get a new hero on Tuesday next week. With Baptiste joining to the roster, Overwatch is going to feature 30 heroes, three years after it’s release.

New hero belongs to Support group and utilizes a shotgun-like grenade launcher that along with damaging enemies, is able to throw healing items to your teammates. He can also create a limited zone of healing for himself and other partners to get enough health that avoid them from getting killed quickly. You can check out the announcing teaser on Overwatch’s twitter account below:

Baptiste will feature an ability that activates an era around himself in which, every damage or heal will have doubled influence. If you active it when you are close to your friends, it will act like a helpful shield for them while utilizing the ability around enemies, will help your team to take them down really fast.

Although the new character will be added to all platforms on March 19, PC owners are able to play as Baptiste on Overwatch PTR servers, which can give you a better knowledge of the upcoming hero.

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