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Overwatch New Competitive Play System Detailed

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Overwatch New Competitive Play System Detailed

The Overwatch team highest priority is Competitive Play, a separate multiplayer selection to differentiate more serious ranked matches from casual ones.

In Overwatch players will now go up and down tiers based on their progress in the game, making it much harder to perform well enough to make it into the higher rankings. Not everyone will be able to make it into the Heroic rank, in much the same way that not everybody can get to legendary in Blizzard’s card game Hearthstone. The new ranked seasons will also be longer, giving players more time to reach their top rank. Each season will last around two and a half months, matching the real-world seasons, before ranks are reset.

Key Points:

Arrives end of June

Season length now around 2.5 months

Competitive mode format changes, assault game mode changes

Getting rid of league tiers, displays skill rating (MMR) instead.

Cosmetic awards for competitive participation, new “golden gun” cosmetic system.

Check out the Trailer:

“Finally, Kaplan detailed the reward system. He emphasized that there would be no power rewards, so cosmetic awards will be added for competitive participation, such as sprays and new player icons available only by playing each season, but there will be a customized “golden gun” cosmetic system, such as Reinhardt’s golden hammer that can be unlocked quickly by higher skilled players. More cosmetics planned that only the highest skilled players can get.”

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