Overwatch getting Olympic themed skins soon

Overwatch getting Olympic themed skins soon

The cast of Overwatch is apparently heading to Rio to engage in some Summer Olympics-themed fun, according to a package sent out by Blizzard Entertainment. That means some new skins, including Weightlifting Zarya, Football Lucio and Track and Field Tracer seem to be coming in time with the real-world Rio 2016 Olympics.

The Summer Games loot boxes appear to contain skins for some characters – three of them that we can see – and sprays, voice lines, poses, highlight intros for everyone else. There’s also possibly a new map and game mode. Twitch streamer LacedUpLaura unboxed the Olympic-themed Overwatch package sent by Blizzard, including PlayStation Store download blurb for the boxes.

Check out some screenshots:

“The interesting part here is the print shows what could be an upcoming map for the game and points towards what seems to be a dome shaped arena set in Rio de Janeiro. What is even more interesting is that while all of the references and the prints points toward the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, there seems to be no real affiliation of the game with the event with Blizzard terming their event simply as the “Summer Games 2016”. Also worth noting is that while the sticker sheet shows the game’s different characters playing various sports, it is not yet clear if all of the characters of the game are going to receive an Olympics based skin.

In other news, Blizzard has been handing out bans to cheaters in the game over the weekend and this has permanently expunged many of the game’s cheaters out of the game, making it much more cleaner than before. While there has been no official announcements on these, the official forums for the game have been bombarded with players who have reported being banned off the servers permanently for cheating.”

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