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Overwatch Cross-Play beta Announced

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When Overwatch originally launched back in 2016, cross-play was not yet the law of the land for competitive multiplayer games. While the idea was tossed around even before then it would take the introduction of Epic Games’ Fortnite the following year to really force the issue.

With Overwatch 2 in the works, it has been hard to tell just what we can expect from the first game anymore. Sojourn, a character first briefly seen in the short film ‘Recall’ in 2016, has been the next character in line for release. Since we know that she is set to launch alongside the sequel it has lead to the question, how much more can we expect during the life cycle of the first game? Well, it would appear that at least the long-awaited cross-play feature might arrive before Overwatch 2 lands.

A recent update for Blizzard.net has added the ability to play not just with different platforms, but multiple different regions as well. This update merges these player bases into one group so you do not need to shuffle around. China, however, will remain its own separate region, according to Blizzard.

Similar to most other games that do this, the unified system will require you to make an account with Blizzard.net. They have chosen to incentivize this with a golden loot box, which you will receive if you create an account before the end of the year.

Now if you are anything like my friends, I bet you’re saying “But I don’t want to play on console against PC players.” Of course, mouse and keyboard can give you the edge in competitive games, especially FPS titles. Well don’t worry, Overwatch supports mouse and keyboard on both the PlayStation 4, at the very least.

Blizzard has given no date for when we can expect the beta to go live, only saying “soon.”.

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