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Outer Wilds official logo
Outer Wilds official logo

Outer Wilds Will Be Available on PS4 Next Week

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Mobius Digital’s critically acclaimed adventure title, Outer Wilds, will be coming to PS4 on October 15, nearly 5 months after its launch on Xbox One and PC through Xbox Game Pass.

With most of the reviewers calling Outer Wilds as a very successful version of the Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky, it helped the developer to make a name for itself in its third project. Playing as a lost astronaut, you are going to manage your vital resources and fuel to visit distinct planets and moons, while finding out more about the world’s specific rules and the twisted story behind it.

Kelsey Rice, the producer behind this successful title, explains more about how they have created the game’s huge world. she says:

Each environment is handcrafted to fit the design of its unique narrative and game systems. The 22-minute time loop allows each location in the game to change dramatically and irrevocably as time progresses, allowing players to explore worlds undergoing various cataclysmic events.

As the player uncovers secrets, they unravel the game’s narrative: a web of interconnected mysteries. Every piece of written information in the game is useful in some way – there is no lore that only fleshes out an unimportant backstory.

Outer Wilds is currently available for PC and Xbox One. PS4 version of the game will be launched by Annapurna Interactive and it’s expected to see a good reception from indie adventure enthusiasts on PS4.

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Source: Twinfinite

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