Outcast: Second Contact Hits PS4, Xbox One & PC

Outcast: Second Contact Hits PS4, Xbox One & PC

BigBen has released thie first screenshots of Outcast – Second Contact, the remake of the cult video game that originally saw the light in 1999. The title is set to release in March 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

This is an expanded version (now in full HD) of the 1999 adventure game, which in many ways pioneered the open world genre of gaming.

Bigben Interactive has stated:

“Outcast takes place in the near future when Humanity has just discovered the existence of a parallel world, Adelpha. The American government, which was behind the discovery, sends a probe there to investigate. The experiment is a success but a native of Adelpha, a Talan, attacks the probe and causes a distortion of space-time that threatens to destroy the Earth.

“You are Cutter Slade, a former…

Check out the Screenshots:

“This is fantastic news. Outcast was one of the best Third Person Action Adventure games back then. Graphically it hasn’t aged well but the core game is still fantastic. Few years ago, devs tried to remake the game by taking it to the kickstarter but unfortunately due to lack of enough media attention, it failed to reach its goal, even though early hours brought a lot of money,,, but then it died. Glad to hear that they finally got resources to remake the game. Hopefully they’ll be able to do it justice.”

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