EA Access and Origin Access

Origin and EA Access Services Have Been Successful So Far; According to EA

EA’s earnings call just one month ahead of E3 2019 has revealed a bunch of details about the publisher’s upcoming projects and its line-up for EA Play gathering. New titles for both Need For Speed and Plants Vs. Zombies series are in the works to be launched in Q4 2019 and its almost confirmed that they will make their debut at E3 2019. However, aside from talking about future plans, the company also provided information about the revenues and financial performance of games and services such as Origin and EA Access which seems to be profitable enough for EA to convince Sony for delivering the service for PS4 players too.

According to EA, both EA Access and Origin Access services are now own more than 3.5 million subscribers. Members of the services are able to download and play nearly 80 titles mostly from EA’s publishes and a few from other third-party companies, but Electronic Arts promised that due to the service’s successful reception, there will be more third-party titles coming to the list of games within the service. On the other hand, news of bringing EA Access to PS4 in Summer has caused some expectations to get recently released games and more AAA titles in the service as of its launch on Sony’s current-gen console.

Origin’s Access subscriptions divides into two groups of Basic and Premier that there are some significant differences in between, but on consoles, players are only allowed to subscribe for Basic version with no Premier edition available, though if the service keeps raising its community, EA might announce new subscription divisions for consoles too.

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