One Piece Burning Blood

One Piece: Burning Blood Garp & Caesar Clown DLC Coming December 22

One Piece: Burning Blood Garp & Caesar Clown DLC Coming December 22

Released last summer, One Piece: Burning Blood continues to widen its already huge roster of fighters. Both elected by fans back in July, Monkey D. Garp and Caesar Clown will join the arena on December 22nd as paid DLC!

These two new characters will be part of the Wanted Pack 2, the Gold Pack but also the amazing Gold Edition. Players who already own the packs mentioned above will get a free update with both characters!

One Piece: Burning Blood is available since June 3rd on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PlayStation Vita and since September 2nd on Steam for PC in Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Australasia.

Check out some Screenshots:

“One Piece: Burning Blood is a 3D arena fighter in which players battle by using a variety of characters from the anime/manga series One Piece. And if one has to be told what One Piece: Burning Blood is based on, chances are the game isn’t for them, as it would make almost no sense to anyone unfamiliar with the franchise.

 This approach means that those that watch One Piece may have fun controlling some of their favorite characters from the anime, but fighting game fans that don’t know a Devil Fruit from the Going Merry will be lost. This is because the developers decided to have One Piece: Burning Bloodset during a story arc that occurs hundreds of episodes into the anime, and the game itself offers little explanation as to who the characters are, what their motivations are, or what is really even going on.”

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