One Piece: Burning Blood to add ‘Tesoro’ and DLC costumes from film Gold

One Piece: Burning Blood to add ‘Tesoro’ and DLC costumes from film Gold

Bandai Namco Entertainment has announced new DLC characters and costumes for One Piece: Burning Blood from the up-coming movie, One Piece: Film Gold! On the Playable character side is Tesoro, the movie’s main antagonist. On the costume side are Film Gold outfits for Luffy, Nami, and Robin.

Tesoro isn’t the only new character planned for release. Bandai Namco recently announced that it plans to add playable characters Rob Lucci, Caesar Clown, and Monkey D. Garp to the game as per the results of a user poll.

This special event has been announced to commemorate the release of the upcoming movie,One Piece Film: Gold. It is set to release in Japan on July 23. One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda will reprise his role as the executive producer of the movie.

Bandai Namco did not announce a release date yet.

One Piece: Burning Blood is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PS Vita.

Check out the screenshots:

“The game, developed by Spike Chunsoft, will feature fast-paced gameplay and unique One Piece elements. One Piece: Burning Blood introduces an “advanced battle system” that replicates Devil Fruit abilities and Haki techniques in free-for-all battles. Activated at will, these abilities can increase the player’s attack power, nullify incoming normal attacks, and more.”

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