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Okami Crossover Announced For Monster Hunter Rise

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Monster Hunter Rise was released earlier this year and has shown no real signs of slowing down. During E3 this year Capcom used a large portion of their conference to announce several new cosmetics for the game. This is not uncommon since the Monster Hunter games usually see small additions that keep the game relevant, and with Rise set to release on PC next year they have every incentive to do that. That includes their latest collaboration, which will see the lead character of Capcom title Okami, Amaterasu joining the game.

Amaterasu, the sun goddess, will be entering the game as a palamute skin that you can equip to your companion. This news was announced by Capcom today via their Twitter account, in which a minute-long trailer of the character was also shown. The character skin will be available starting July 30th.

The skin is not just some tired cash in, as it not only looks the part but also has detailed fire coming from Amaterasu’s back similar just like in Okami. The trailer also details the animations for the character, such as running, all drawing influence from the classic game.

Players looking to get the character skin will have to earn it as part of an in-game event quest. This is in contrast to other items that have come to the game that allows you to simply log in to claim them. That being said this is a collab fans have been asking for, hoping Okami would get more love than it has.

This is not the first collab for the game either, as prior to this Monster Hunter Stories 2 had just recently had several tie in cosmetics. There are also several planned in the future with one in August, and two more in the fall. There will also be event quests every week.

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