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Tetranadon Op
Tetranadon Op

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Slay Tetranadon

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New to the series, Tetranadon makes its debut in Monster Hunter Rise’s three star mission Can’t Stomach the Thought, making quite the first impression in the process.

What to Expect 

Tetranadon is a massive creature that charges its  attacks to inflict a massive amount of damage when they connect. Over the course of battle, Tetranadon will charge, clap, leap, and inflict Waterblight with certain attacks. 

Tetranadon can also eat and swell up its belly, which increases its damage output but slows it down to a considerable degree. Fortunately, you can attack Tetranadon’s belly to deflate it, thus making Tetranadon safer to approach.  


Tetranadon may seem like a hulking tank, but hunters can wield Electricity weapons to make short work of the beast. If you don’t have an electric weapon on hand, you can use Fire, Ice, or Dragon weapons to inflict damage.

As for ailments, Tetranadon is most susceptible to paralysis, so you would be wise to use Shock Traps and Paralysis Ammo in this fight. Blast and Thunderblight are also effective in taking down Tetranadon.

Tetranadon Stats


Jump Attack 

Tetranadon will jump forward and come crashing down, which not only deals damage but also stuns you, leaving you vulnerable to one of Tetranadon’s combos. To avoid this move, wait for Tetranadon to jump, then roll to the side once the creature is off the ground. 

Water Shot

Tetranadon will shoot three balls of water that travel forward, but only cover a short distance. Range players can dash forward underneath the water while melee players can dodge off to the side of this attack. If hit by the water, you will be afflicted with Waterblight, so make sure you have Mulberries on hand. 

Sumo Slam 

Much like a sumo wrestler’s foot stomp, Tetranadon will rock from one foot to another before stomping on the ground, causing tremors and stunning you. Your best option for evading this strike is to back away from Tetranadon’s side when you see the creature raise its foot. 

Rock Toss   

It turns out that Kulu-Ya-Ku is not the only monster that uses rocks as a weapon – Tetranadon also possesses this ability. However, in the hands of Tetranadon, the rock is twice as dangerous as it is double the size. Once you see Tetranadon lift up the rock, make sure you stay far away, as the rock will damage anything in range once thrown. Alternatively, you could make your way behind Teteranadon and stay there until the rock has been thrown. 

Range VS Melee 

Range players should aim for Tetranadon’s head and belly, as these areas will net you extra damage. Be sure to have a large supply of Dash Juice on hand to lower your stamina usage, which will help when darting around Tetranadon and avoiding its heavy blows. 

Melee players need to exercise patience and wait for the short window of time in which to evade Tetranadon’s attacks. When Tetrandon winds up for an attack, you will be able to perform up to two combos before needing to dodge the oncoming strike. In addition, we recommend that those who engage in melee combat bring Dash Juice to this fight. 

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