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Odyssey is an edu-adventure game for adults and kids alike

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Odyssey is an edu-adventure game for adults and kids alike

Odyssey is a science puzzle adventure game focused on scientific reasoning and argumentation in astronomy and mechanics from the ancient Greeks to Newton. The game blends the history of science with an immersive journey across the exotic yet dangerous Wretched Islands to rescue Kai, a 13-year old girl, and her family. While solving puzzles to navigate across the islands, you also embark on an intellectual voyage, reconstructing the creative ideas and arguments of some of the world’s greatest scientists and philosophers.

The game is suitable for ages 11+ but, while its fundamentals are in education, Odyssey has been designed to be a strong game in its own right that can be enjoyed by adults and kids alike. To this end, The Young Socratics have enlisted the help of Eric Lindstrom (Tomb Raider: Underworld, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – Legend, Solar Eclipse) on narrative duties, and Jason Miller (Nintendo, LucasArts, Disney, Activision) on game development.

Check out the Trailer:

“As our adventure begins, we find Michael, an avid gamer who is also rather impetuous, playing an arcade game called Firewall Defender. Looking on is Mandy, who isn’t into computer games all that much but is gathering information for a school report.

Enter the intrepid Eugene (briefly appearing here and at the end of the game), who tells the duo about an experiment he’s devised wherein he’s linked Firewall Defender to the CPU of a place called the Room of Consequence (ROC). This arrangement will enable Michael and Mandy to play the game from inside the computer.

Michael thinks this is a fabulous idea and is very eager to try it. After promising Eugene that he won’t tamper with the game’s Safety Protocols, he immediately runs through the ROC’s portal and enters the computer. Mandy is more tenuous, but after Eugene provides some reassurance she follows Michael.”

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