Oculus Touch Support and Major Game Expansion Coming to The Climb

Oculus Touch Support and Major Game Expansion Coming to The Climb

Prepare to conquer the wild like never before as Oculus Touch support comes to Crytek’s VR free solo rock climbing game, The Climb, on December 6.

Crytek revealed today that its incoming update for The Climb will integrate support for the new Touch controllers when they launch next week – giving players the freedom to scale VR cliffs with instinctive hand movements that mirror real-world climbing. With the addition of new leaderboards for each setting, the race will be on to master the game’s environments with Oculus’ intuitive new controllers.

The extensive game update will be free to everyone who owns The Climb, and also includes an expansive new setting inspired by the landscapes of Iceland. The wintry “North” location features snow-capped peaks, distant volcanoes, and a host of fresh challenges for players to get to grips with as they scale new heights, immerse themselves in the environment, or compete to set the best times in the world. In addition, the update introduces new player-customization options and a range of accessories designed specifically for the North setting.

Check out the Trailer:

“The Climb is about scaling mountains using an interface that combines looking around with your headset and the Xbox One controller. It uses a number of simple systems to keep you moving, and it treats the act of climbing as a puzzle and as an action game. You’re constantly under the threat of losing your bonus score or running out of stamina. That’ll get your heart pumping. And your ticker might even jump outta your chest when you leap from one hold to one on the opposite wall while you’re 200 feet in the air. This never got old for me, and you can chalk that up to the presence of VR.

The Climb has three mountains, and each of these have multiple paths depending on the difficulty. While ascending those variations, you’ll also find hidden branches as well that are often even more challenge or provide you a more scenic route.

You climb by aiming your two disembodied hands with your headset. If you look at a hold, your hands will hover over that ledge. Then, by depressing the index-finger trigger buttons, you’ll latch onto the wall. You’ll stay attached as long as you are pressing the button or until your stamina gives out or — in certain circumstances — the rock you’re hanging from crumbles.

You can recharge your stamina by gripping with both hands simultaneously, and you can extend the length of your stamina meter by letting go of the wall with one hand and hitting the corresponding index-finger bumper button to chalk up your palms.

Finally, you also get a score as you climb, which depends on whether you reach out and grab a new hold within a certain amount of time and without going back to a grip you’ve already used.

All of these systems combine into an elegant climbing game where you’re rewarded for taking risks and keeping a steady pace.”

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