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Obsidian Entertainment
Obsidian Entertainment

Obsidian Entertainment Hiring Developers – AAA RPG In Development

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Obsidian Entertainment is reported to be working on a new AAA project. The developer is currently hiring developers and there are plenty of openings which confirms something large is being produced in California. The project remains a secret, but what’s known about the game is that it will follow The Outer Worlds RPG formula.

It’s confirmed that Obsidian Entertainment is developing  new content for The Outer Worlds as well as Grounded. The developers are eager to get more developers and create the next big RPG game.

“Obsidian Entertainment is always looking for creative individuals interested in a challenging environment creating the best role-playing games in the world. If making the next generation of role-playing games in a friendly, enjoyable atmosphere is what you’re looking for, we want to hear from you!”

“With The Outer Worlds, Tim, Leonard, and the entire team at Obsidian Entertainment once again demonstrate why they’re among the best developers of roleplaying games in the industry,” said Michael Worosz, executive vice president and head of Private Division. “The fantastic narrative, dark humor, and engaging combat set in an all-new sci-fi universe dripping with character, combine in an excellent single-player RPG that players have been asking for.”

Obsidian Entertainment specializes in creating the world’s most beloved interactive role-playing games including Fallout: New Vegas, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Alpha Protocol, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, the Pillars of Eternity franchise, and the recently released The Outer Worlds. Founded by veterans of Black Isle Studios, with roots in Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment, Fallout, and Fallout 2, Obsidian continues its commitment to deliver to fans and newcomers alike the most compelling RPGs its wildly creative developers can imagine as part of the Xbox Game Studios.

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