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NX is a portable console with detachable controllers, uses cartridges

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NX is a portable console with detachable controllers, uses cartridges

The Nintendo NX will be a powerful handheld console with detachable controllers. The console’s rumored hybrid nature has also been confirmed by Eurogamer’s sources, confirming that it will be possible to connect it to a TV through a base unit, or dock station.

The NX will reportedly have a successor to Nvidia’s Tegra X1 mobile chip as its powerhouse, which should provide ample oomph compared to other mobile devices out there, but which won’t bring parity with advanced home consoles. It is, however, designed to be used at home – a dock will allow it to plug into a gamer’s TV, making it effectively a solution both for the living room and for on the go.

Nintendo has never chased the edge of graphics capability, so it makes a lot of sense for it to focus on delivering a potentially category-busting experience in place of pure power. It also sounds like NX will deliver what the Wii U seemed to want to offer, but couldn’t: the ability for gamers to seamlessly pick up their full game experience and take it from the TV to the park without interruption, and without sacrificing gameplay quality.

Eurogamer also reports that NX will use cartridges as its game media format, which will supplement downloads.

NX is due out worldwide in March 2017.

“It continues on to state that the NX will use cartridges as its physical media of choice. Nintendo has a long history of using cartridges for its portable gaming devices. It is unclear what capacity these cards will be available in. Modern games on PS4 and Xbox One can store up to 50 GB of data, and many often require further installs on their internal hard drives.

The NX will reportedly run on a proprietary operating system designed by Nintendo, and not Android, as was suggested by previous reports.”

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