No More Heroes 3 Releases New Details

No More Heroes 3 Releases New Details

Today during Twitch’s live coverage from E3 2019, No More Heroes III Director, “Suda 51” brought forth some new information regarding on what you’ll be doing in the game.

He mentions that the game will feature some awesome boss fights just like the previous games, except the stakes may be a bit higher. Travis isn’t going to fight other assassins this time, instead he’s going to fight some “Thanos-level dudes.” All by himself as he is indeed the last hero the world needs. It’s also been described to be hardcore, as Travis has to handle this situation seemingly by himself, though he may have some help from a couple of friends.

Suda also explains that Travis is inspired by himself when he is younger and Travis is designed to resemble something similar to Johnny Knoxville from Jackass.

Motion controls are also going to be optional, meaning that pro controllers, and the joycons can stay on the Switch while playing. Suda says himself that the motion controls are the, “most pure way to play the game.” I know that this is a fact as the game definitely makes use of the controls in very. Interesting ways such as shaking a joycon to charge your energy sword, or performing sick wrestling moves on some insane bosses.

If Travis is going to fight some Thanos-Level dudes, he’s going to need to make use of that mech suit and his amazing suplexes in order to stop the Alien threat. Maybe they are assassins as well, but for space. Hopefully Suda 51 will have some crazy footage of the game to show off to the public sometime soon. Fans just can’t wait to be in the shoes of Number 1 Assassin, Travis Touchdown.

For coverage on the uncensored trailer check it out here.

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