No More Heroes 3 Releases Uncensored Trailer

Grasshopper Manufacture released a new uncensored version of the debut No More Heroes III trailer. That’s right, according to Suda 51 himself, revealed during Twitch’s live coverwage of E3 that the original trailer that released for the Nintendo Direct was “softened up.” This is understandable since basically families are watching the Direct.

The trailer represents the game better as it shows off more blood and violence which is a big hallmark for the NMH series. Not only that the description reveals that the original voice actors, Robin Atkin Downes and Paula Tiso are going to play their roles as Travis Touchdown and Sylvia Christel.

According to the trailer:

“No More Heroes 3 – the latest numbered installment in the No More Heroes series – is set for release exclusively to the Nintendo Switch in 2020!!

Featuring a score by lead composer Nobuaki Kaneko, as well as Robin Atkin Downes and Paula Tiso reprising their roles from the previous titles in the series as Travis Touchdown and Sylvia Christel. Also returning is original series lead character designer Yusuke Kozaki!!”

No matter what, it seems that fans of the series will be happy with the third installment in order to take on more baddies using Travis’s wrestling moves.

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