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No Man’s Sky ‘Explore’ Trailer

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No Man’s Sky ‘Explore’ Trailer

Hello Games has released a new trailer for No Man’s Sky dubbed “Explore.”

The trailer, which focuses on exploration, looks to be the first in a series, the other three of which will highlight fighting, trading, and survival.

The idea is that you can go anywhere, explore any planet and star and discover things that no-one else ever seen before. Call yourself a spaceman version of Captain Christopher Columbus if you will.

Originally announced at VGX 2013 with a jaw-dropping trailer, the galaxy-spanning adventure is arguably the most anticipated release of 2016, and so far, it looks fantastic.

No Man’s Sky will launch both physically and digitally for PlayStation 4, and digitally for PC, on August 9 in North America, August 10 in Europe, and August 12 in the United Kingdom.

Check out the Trailer:

“No Mans Sky has been treated as if it was from one of our internal studios,” Fergal Gara, Commercial Director of Sony UK says. “We have been working very closely with the developers and bringing it into our release programme as if we had made it. We are not going to treat it any differently and we are going to put the full weight of PlayStation behind it. If it all comes together as well as expected, it will be treated like a first-party release; it is not a self-published small indie title on the platform.”

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