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NIS America “Ongoing Issues With Development” Delays RPG Maker MV

NIS America “Ongoing Issues With Development” Delays RPG Maker MV

According to publisher NIS America the PlayStation 4 port of the popular game creation suite, will no longer release on February as originally scheduled.

The company wrote: “Until [the issues] are resolved, the release date will be postponed for later in 2019. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to all those who are looking forward to this game, and we are taking action in order to deliver the best possible product to our fans.”

This version of RPG Maker MV is being ported from the PC version, which released in 2015, and seeing the PS4 version from Japan we can notice that it has been fine tuned for PlayStation 4. The Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One also makes the same changes in order to make game building and gameplay more streamlined for home consoles.

Check the latest trailer here:


As long as you have an internet connection, you can upload and share your original RPG with the world by accessing the “Maker Forum” menu in RPG Maker MV. Play your own creations with RPG Maker MV, or download the RPG Maker MV Player and play other users’ games for free!

  • The console version of RPG Maker MV contains twice as many assets as the PC version.
  • Compared to previous installments, this software literally has the most resources ever.
  • Brand-new character voices, songs, and lyrics have been added.
  • Compared to past RPG Maker titles, RPG Maker MV allows you to make a completely new type of RPG!

The PS4 port of RPG Maker is already available in Japan it’s hard to guess which are those issues at the development stage, what are your thoughts? Share your opinion in the comment section below, keep it tuned to Gaming Instincts for more updates about NIS America.

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