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Nintendo’s first mobile app Miitomo out in Japan

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Nintendo’s first mobile app Miitomo out in Japan

Nintendo’s Miitomo was initially announced last October and the pre-registration for it was opened last month. Now, the first ever mobile title from Nintendo called Miitomo has finally been released, albeit only in the gaming giant’s home market of Japan.

Miitomo is not a straight-up game, let alone a port of one of Nintendo’s classic titles. Rather, it’s a social messaging app that features Miis, which are digital avatars that were first used on Nintendo’s Wii console system.

With Miitomo you can:

  • Make your own Mii

  • Have a social go-between

  • Make Miifotos

  • Drop a Mii (minigame)

This App is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 7.0 or later, Miitomo is currently available in the Japanese App Store as a free download with in-app purchases for Miitomo coins, which can be used for unlocking clothing items and playing Miitomo Drop.

Miitomo is only available in Japan for now, however, it is expected to become available worldwide later this month.

Check out the Launch Trailer:

“The app is a social game in which players create an avatar known as a Mii and share posts with friends from Facebook and Twitter.

Players are encouraged to answer questions about their likes and dislikes and the answers can be seen by friends in the app.”

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