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Nintendo Willing To Drop On Consoles if Market Demands It

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Nintendo Willing To Drop On Consoles if Market Demands It

President Shuntaro Furukawa recently told Nikkei, that Nintendo might leave the home console business if the market is not there anymore, and revealed what is Nintendo’s vision for the future.

“We aren’t really fixated on our consoles,” he told Nikkei, as translated by Nintendo Everything and reported Sunday by Eurogamer.

“At the moment we’re offering the uniquely developed Nintendo Switch and its software — and that’s what we’re basing how we deliver the ‘Nintendo experience’ on. That being said, technology changes,” he said. “We’ll continue to think flexibly about how to deliver that experience as time goes on.”

In the long term, perhaps our focus as a business could shift away from home consoles — flexibility is just as important as ingenuity,” he said

What the president said is not surprising as other executives like Nintendo of America CEO Reggie Fils-Aime shared the same vision of Furukawa last year at Seattle’s Geekwire.

“That time you spend surfing the Web, watching a movie, watching a telecast of a conference: that’s all entertainment time we’re competing for. My competitive set is much bigger than my direct competitors in Sony and Microsoft. I compete for time. When I do that, I have to be creative and innovative in order to win that battle.”

If I would take a guess about what could be the future of the gaming industry then I would say that cloud gaming services will succeed consoles as is more profitable to support games on multiples devices bypassing the hardware limitations, Xbox Game Pass is a good example on how a subscription service could evolve into supporting cloud gaming technologies, we are still far from it but it’s most likely that will happen sooner than later.

Shuntaro Furukawa already discussed the cloud gaming technologies read

“Generally, I think having the Nintendo Switch software lineup augmented by titles from publishers who make use of cloud gaming technologies is a very positive thing. And it is really meaningful in terms of expanding our user base, because there are some titles that probably could not be offered on Nintendo Switch any other way.”

What makes me worried is how Reggie barely mentions video games when he talks about the future of Nintendo, I can’t see a future of Nintendo without Mario, but maybe Nintendo found out that entertainment is more profitable than gaming.

Read the full article at  – Cnet.

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