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Nintendo Registers Wave Race Trademark in Europe

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Nintendo Registers Wave Race Trademark in Europe

Nintendo has registered a trademark for Wave Race, according to the European Union Intellectual Property Office the trademark is filed under Class 9 for game software.

There has been no official statement from Nintendo about a new prospective title or re-release of Wave Race. Nintendo’s original Wave Race launched on the Game Boy in 1992, followed up by two sequels: Wave Race 64 (Nintendo 64, 1996) and Wave Race: Blue Storm (GameCube, 2001). With the Nintendo Switch around the corner, perhaps this could be a hint that the series may continue in the near future.

Check the official launch trailer of Wave Race: Blue Storm down below

Wave Race it’s a Jet Ski racing game, features a championship mode, where players pick one character for the entire championship, players begin in a field of eight racers, and at the end of the race, the player is awarded points proportional to the place in wich they finished. Also features Time Attack, Stunt Mode, where the goal is to achieve high scores by performing stunts, performed by executing certain button combinations. Multiplayer mode, with the ability to play Championship Mode and Stunt Mode with other players.


In the last game of the series there were eight characters, three of them from previous titles, two newcomers and some of the rest from 1080 Snowboarding.Each character is rated in five different categories witch affects the character’s performace. Each  character also has a Crew Chief, wich is nothing more than a voice offering encouragement and advice to the player.


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