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Switch Online
Switch Online

Nintendo To Improve Switch Online Service

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Shuntaro Furukawa announced that the Online Service will be improved in the near future, the service who counts with just 15 million users by September 2018. The President of Nintendo confirmed that memberships had been “increasing steadily” mostly thanks to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Furukawa explains the needs of the company to enhance the content of the service in order to attract new subscribers, however, he also suggest that the results won’t be immediate.

We need to further enhance the content of the service for the subscriber base to reach a certain size, so that is what we’re working on, with the understanding that the time it will take to do so will be measured in years.

Regarding the number of paid memberships for Nintendo Switch Online, we do not plan to disclose a specific number this time, but memberships are increasing steadily with the expanding hardware install base beyond 15 million accounts, the number we have already announced at the Corporate Management Policy Briefing in January 2020.

By adding elements that make games even more fun to play and by increasing the appeal of the service itself, we hope to continuously grow this into a service that makes Nintendo Switch even more enjoyable and convenient for consumers to play.

In recent news from the Nintendo, the company is reportedly expanding the Nintendo Switch Online library of SNES and NES titles, at the moment of writing, Wild Guns, Operation Logic Bomb and Tetris Atack has been added to the library, Rygar has also been added for those who love classic side-scrollers. Shuntaro Furukawa recently warned that next fiscal year could see losses in software and hardware sales, he states that due to “big limitations on what can be done from home” some games might face a delay.

Source: NintendoLife

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