Nintendo Switch: Pre-Orders Open Friday Morning

Nintendo Switch: Pre-Orders Open Friday Morning

The first confirmed store to open up system pre-orders for the upcoming Nintendo Switch so far. Fans can pre-order the Nintendo Switch at Nintendo NY this Friday, January 13th, according to the retailer’s Twitter account.

It will only be “a limited quantity” of Switch systems available to pre-order that day, the retailer said.

The news comes just before Nintendo’s Switch press conference, which streams live from Tokyo at 11 p.m. ET on . 12. The company plans to reveal the release date, pricing, launch titles and other details about the Switch during the event.

New York City is a good place for Nintendo fans to be this weekend. Aside from the Nintendo NY pre-orders, there will be preview events for fans to check out the Switch for the first time starting Jan. 13. The Friday event is only for press, while an event on Jan. 14 is also invite-only. An event on Jan. 15 will be open to the public. The Switch will travel across the rest of the continent from January through March as well.”

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