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Nintendo Switch: Parental Controls to Utilise Smartphone App

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Nintendo Switch: Parental Controls to Utilise Smartphone App

Parents can now limit playtime remotely using a smartphone app as a manager for key elements of the Nintendo Switch, this was  shown with an awesome Bowser Advert.

The smartphone app can be used for managing aspects of online features, a trailer was revealed showcasing how this  app can be used to monitor a youngster’s play habits and limit their time each day.

Check the Parental Control trailer here:

“Setting guidelines for your kids is easy with Nintendo Switch—so you can all relax and have fun.
Parents can use the convenient, free Nintendo Switch Parental Controls smart device app to control:

Which games your kids can play
How long and how late they can play
What they can share on social networks
You can also set restrictions for Nintendo eShop via your Nintendo Account.”

For more information, visit the source at Nintendo.

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