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Nintendo Switch Online will start on 19th September

Nintendo Switch Online will start on 19th September

A release date has finally been given for Nintendo Switch Online. The service starts September 18 in North America and September 19, Nintendo has announced.

Nintendo is offering 20 NES games with online play, cloud-based save game backups, dedicated Switch Online apps and “special offers” for members (most likely discounts on games and add-ons). As with PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold, it’s ultimately about convincing gamers to pay a regular fee for internet services by offering just a few perks Nintendo’s offering is just considerably less expensive than Sony and Microsoft.

The news comes immediately after the confirmation that the recently delayed Nintendo Direct has been rescheduled for tomorrow, Thursday 13th September.

You won’t be able to back up all game save data, however – Nintendo will block this feature on some of its biggest games. Why? To “ensure fair play”, it said at the weekend, and stop people exploiting saves to cheat. Huh. Game saves which will be staying local include Pokémon and Splatoon 2. Best not lose your Switch.

Nintendo has given Switch owners since the start of the system’s launch to prepare for this change – the first time it has ever charged for people to play online on a Nintendo platform, ever.

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