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Nintendo Switch Lite
Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite Is Now Available to Pre-Order

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The cheaper model for Nintendo Switch announced a few weeks ago and now all US inhabitants are able to submit their Nintendo Switch Lite pre-orders at online shops. You have to pay $199.99 if you want to own a Lite console.

Nintendo Switch Lite is a fully portable console with no docks. It’s Joy-Cons are not detachable but it will be supporting wireless controllers. The new battery will make it possible for you to use the console from 3 to 7 hours, which is improved compared to Switch’s basic console. Switch Lite doesn’t feature any ports to get connected to a TV or other devices. As I mentioned at first, it’s completely made for those who want to play outside of home. Lite is $100 cheaper than the basic model, making it a considerable opportunity for players who wanted to experience some of the greatest exclusive hits of the console.

Currently, Nintendo Switch Lite is available to pre-order from Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy and Target. It will be launched on September 20. Pre-orders for the rest of the world are expected to go live soon.

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