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Nintendo Suffers From Massive Leak Again

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Nintendo has been the target of another wave of leaks in the last hours, dataminers and hackers have found a massive amount of information from the SNES, N64, and Wii games.

But, what is actually happening at Nintendo? and how can this be a great thing for fans, and a terrible leak of industry secrets and expose the privacy of employees?

What gamers are interested in is to see Beta footage of some of the most cherished games to have ever released for Nintendo, from the mysterious Ura Zelda, Star Fox 2 to the plans of a Super Mario World 2. Fans had been delighted in the last hours seeing raw footage of the art of some games, and unused items in others. For example, the Kokiri Tunic has way more details than what it’s shown on the N64.

The leaked information apparently comes from the servers of BroadOn, a company hired by Nintendo during the Wii gen. Dataminers got their hands on confidential data from Nintendo servers, and what they found was a log, all the confidential secrets from the company, from art to unannounced projects, to very personal letters, and information from employees.

The source code from Nintendo’s games have been leaked, this is as big as having the Coca-Cola formula leaked, from now on, fans will learn more how the Nintendo consoles worked and a new wave of modded games such as the new The Legend of Zelda: The Missing Link will be released.

Nintendo is rumored to be planning the 35th anniversary of Mario, is uncertain if retro games getting more attention will work in benefit of the alleged remaster incoming.

Source: NintendoLife

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