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Nintendo Has Filed a Patent For Positional Tracking Glasses

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Nintendo Has Filed a Patent For Positional Tracking Glasses

Nintendo has just filed a patent for a a set of glasses that will work with a positional tracking system, this technology will allow Nintendo to develop specialized software that will make 2D images look 3D. The system will scan for the glasses instead of the eyes of the player, and will track the head of the player.

Imagine taking a peek around a corner, or maybe tilting your head in a racing game, maybe coming closer the screen to take a better look at an item all this thing will have meaning with this technology.

The user would be provided with the correct angle view of virtual objects. The glasses themselves could be frameless. This is similar to a Carnegie Mellon University research project from all the way back in 2007:

In 2016 Nintendo filed a patent for a VR headset design where the Switch would slide in. While the concept is similar to Samsung Gear VR, the patent was considered by many to be impractical due to the Switch’s weight and low resolution panel.

Back in August a group of hackers discovered a secret setting in the Nintendo Switch called ‘Test VR Mode’. A method called ‘SetVrModeEnabled’ was even discovered in the system code.

While this might not offer something new to players, this approach will surely be way cheaper, as only the the glasses and the tracking device will be needed. I would really would like a psychological horror game with this technology, and what about a modern version of the Power Glove? we can all agree that would be awesome come on Nintendo it’s 2019. What kind of game would you like to see with this new VR Technology? Tell me in the comment section below.

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