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Nintendo To Announce NX Soon, Rumored Specs Leaked

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Nintendo To Announce NX  Soon, Rumored Specs Leaked

The wait is finally over Nintendo fans, tomorrow at 7:00 AM PT or 10:00 AM ET, Nintendo will finally reveal a teaser trailer featuring their upcoming console codenamed Nintendo NX. After months and months of wild speculation from media sources and the fans, Nintendo finally shed some light in a tweet from their official twitter channel, stating that the preview trailer for the NX will be featured in the fifth anniversary of Nintendo Direct which is October 20.

Below is a tweet  from Nintendo themselves announcing the reveal:


Also there has been a rumored leak of the potential specs of the system which seems to indicate that it will indeed be based on the Nvidia Tegra X2 system on a chip, which roughly outputs 1.5 teraflops of speed, which makes it more powerful than the Xbox One but behind the PS4.

Below are the rumored leaked specs of the NX:


Usually when a new console is announced, there is some kind of teaser demo to go along with it and more details arrive in the following months. Nintendo strayed from that announcement formula this time around and apparently it had everything to do with reminding gamers that the company isn’t ready to retire from hardware development yet.

We’ll keep you update as the news come along, stay tuned for more news about the new Nintendo NX system.

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