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Nintendo Direct
Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Direct for June 2020 Delayed

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Nintendo is reportedly pushing back their next Nintendo Direct livestream on June due to COVID-19. VentureBeat affirms that Nintendo “is telling partner developers it’s not going to hold one of its Nintendo Direct video events in June.”

Nintendo was putting together a June event. The company was lining up partners and was planning to unveil its first-party schedule for the rest of 2020. That included highlighting the Mario franchise’s 35th anniversary, which it’s going to celebrate with the release of some classic 3D Mario games on Switch, according to various reports.

Nintendo has decided to push back the event as remote work policy in Japan has became an inconvenience for the company. Back in March, the oulet reported two Nintendo Direct events would arrive, the first was already hosted, based on the Indie games to arrive the Switch. A second Direct was expected to cover the information to be unveiled at E3 2020. This Direct is expected to take an in depth look at the upcoming lineup of first-party games for the Nintendo Switch, information about major third-party games for the Switch was also meant to be disclosed at the event.

At the moment of writing, Nintendo has not confirmed that the Direct is cancelled, or pushed back to a more convenient date, but the latest information from the company indicates that decisions like this are expected.

“Due to COVID-19, release dates and other information … are subject to change.”

COVID-19 has became a real problem for Nintendo, the company was thriving on the sales of the Switch Lite, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the Pokémon games just made the situation better. There is also the reports that Nintendo is planning to celebrate Mario’s 35 birthday with a remake of some of its biggest games. Now, Nintendo is the only of the big three to fully admit the hassle that the pandemic means to the gaming industry.

Source: VentureBeat

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