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Nintendo Classic Mini: NES ‘A Blast from the Past’ Promo Video

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Nintendo Classic Mini: NES ‘A Blast from the Past’ Promo Video

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) revolutionized the gaming industry and it’s one of the few consoles responsible for placing video games in the status that they are in today. We’ve been able to revisit these games in three ways: you either still have a functioning NES, you downloaded an emulator on your PC or hacked another console, or you’ve downloaded them from the Virtual Console or eShop on your Wii’s or Wii U’s.

Other than that, gamers have been wanting to channel their inner nostalgia for quite some time now and Nintendo has responded with the announcement of a new Classic Mini NES console. It looks almost exactly the same as the original, just a lot smaller.

Check out the Video:

“We’ve helpfully rounded up some links from major U.S. retailers to make the buying process a little easier. Please note that some of these retailers have yet to open preorder pages or any listings for the NES Classic Edition, but we’ll be updating this guide as they go live.

It’s also worth noting that while sites like Amazon don’t currently have preorders open, they do offer the opportunity to submit your email address so you are notified the moment they go live. Given that this system is likely to sell out pretty fast, if you don’t do this then you may well miss out until 2017.”

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