Nights of Azure 2 Teaser Trailer

Nights of Azure 2 Teaser Trailer

Nights of Azure 2 tells the story of beautiful girls who met an unforgiving fate. It features the dark world that was well-received by fans of the first game, along with an upgrade to the element of beautiful girls as a new and “reborn” title.


Alushe is a knight of the Curia and guard to Liliana, a Saint and her childhood friend. After finally reaching the Curia, the two girls learn that Lilianna would have to give up her life in sacrifice to the goddess of the moon. In their surprise and sadness, Alushe dies in a battle against a powerful demon. However, she is resurrected as a half-demon by the hands of the Curia…


You’ll fight enemy demons together with your partner “Lily.” You can freely select your Lily, and your bonds will deepen as you fight together. As you develop your relationship and awaken new abilities, intimate events will occur. Both Liliana and Ruhenheid can be chosen as a Lily.

As for the game’s connection with its predecessor, it carries over gameplay systems like Servans, as well as the affectionate, apocalyptic, dark fantasy taste of the original, but the gameplay will have a considerably different feeling.

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon releases in Japan on December 22, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Check out the Trailer:

“The game is produced by Keisuke Kikuchi and directed by Samurai Warriors Chronicle‘s Hiroshi Kataoka. Fatal Frame and Kagero series director Makoto Shibata is doing the scenario, and Production I.G.’s Junichi Fujisaku is supervising. Character design is by Yoshiku. This game will offer enhanced action, and introduces new systems that exceed the Servans system of the previous game.”

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