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The cover art for the original Shadow Man video game
The cover art for the original Shadow Man video game

Nightdive Studios Issues Soft Tease of Shadow Man on Switch

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Nightdive Studios has been busy bringing over cult-classic and fan-favorite titles over to current gen consoles. their most recent releases have introduced a new era of gamers to the original Turok dual threat over to modern consoles, including the Switch. Turok released earlier this year on the Nintendo console, while Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Remastered released earlier this month on August 9 via the Nintendo eShop. Of course, the remasters also appeared on Xbox One and PC.

However, Nightdive Studios has recently sent tingles up many fan’s spines as a very vague answer regarding the possibility of bringing over Acclaim’s Shadow Man to the Switch has surfaced. Via Twitter, a fan simply asked if bringing over Shadow Man was possible, and the excitable answer from Nightdive Studios’ CEO Stephen Kick was that it was indeed possible.

Though this small “tease” – if that’s what you’d call it – doesn’t exactly confirm Shadow Man fans will be seeing the classic action-adventure game inspired by the Valiant Comics series any time soon, but does plant the idea into the studio’s head, at least. And the positive remark also implies that they may be interested in the idea itself.

However, Nightdive Studios is also currently working on a System Shock remake along with a recently announced enhanced edition of its sequel, System Shock 2. while that doesn’t necessarily mean Nightdive is too busy to get started on re-releasing Shadow Man, it does point towards what their focus is more than likely directed towards in the coming years.

Also, Shadow Man wasn’t a Nintendo exclusive to begin with, so if we were to see the game re-released in one form or another, it would more than likely hit other consoles/systems. The game initially released on the PlayStation, N64, Sega Dreamcast and PC, along with a sequel – Shadow Man: 2econd Coming – hitting only the PS2.

Regardless, this is all just fluff and speculation for now. However, it is interesting to think about what Nightdive’s next move will be once they’re finished with the System Shock series. We know it won’t be a System Shock 3 creation, as OtherSide Entertainment has already confirmed to be working on that project.

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