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Nidhogg 2 – Review

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Nidhogg 2 – Review

Platform – PS4

Developer – Messhof

Publisher – Messhof

MSRP- 14.99

Editor’s Note – This game was reviewed on the Playstation 4 Pro with a review copy being provided by Gaming Instincts.


Simple, that’s the core belief of Nidhogg created by developer Messhof. A hilariously fun game, Nidhogg 2 is only complimented by the art style. There’s been a few changes since the original Nidhogg. For one, the art style is more detailed and colorful. At first I wasn’t a big fan of the style, mainly because I was a fan of the original Nidhogg but after awhile it grew on me. There are also new weapons, some weapons are better than others and some require a bit of skill to truly master. There is a feature to turn off weapons that you don’t want to use as to prevent any unlikable selections. The new weapons feel right for the game and well thought out.


The moves of Nidhogg 2 have also undergone a transformation. Which is a bit of a concern within the community of Nidhogg 1 fans, as their win strategies have now been altered. Some fans have been forced to change up their routine for taking down an opponent. Nidhogg’s swordplay is an all-around great feature. Utilizing moves at the right time to kill your opponent is often satisfying as it was in the original. The game comes with 10 levels and each is unique in it’s own way. The controls are tight and responsive which makes a lot of difference when doing rolls or flips.


The developers have solved the spamming problem of most players in the original. It’s not as easy to spam moves anymore and this is accompanied by the alterations to the move-sets. Changing the moves allows for more sword-based combat instead of button mashing. Nidhogg 2 sets itself apart from it’s former by being more of a thinking based game. Instead of running in flailing swords, the game wants you to occasionally take your time. You can still run in swinging, it’s actually pretty funny given the new animations and art style.

A little thinking before you strike though can make a difference. If you have a broadsword and you’re going against an opponent with a dagger, you may want to re-think your choice. Now bear in mind, this game doesn’t necessarily require skill. Sometimes you can just go on a frenzy and attack anything. That’s the great thing about this game, it’s something that anyone can play. It’s not restrictive and it holds a lot of replay value.


Being a fan and avid player of the original I know there is a competitive side to this game, as there was for the original Nidhogg. Players you meet are always going to have different tactics to beat you. You’ll have fun playing this game even when you lose, the quirkiness of it makes the game an all around joy to play, and until your hacking away at your friends you won’t really understand.  Local party play is the best feature of the game. The amount of fun you’ll have with your friends in this game is something else. The fast paced gameplay coupled with the hilarious setting of Nidhogg 2 will make parties a blast with up to 4 player co-op.


It’s a whole new game with a few additives to make sure it’s not a direct clone of the original. Using these new features it allows players to switch up their style and decimate each other in the goofy and attention grabbing levels of Nidhogg 2. The original game had a cult following and some aren’t pleased with the direction Messhof took with the sequel. Nidhogg 2 does feel like the original but it is only different in some areas. Whatever your feelings may be about the first game you should definitely try the second game, and if you have local friends, definitely try the local play.

Nidhogg 2





  • Fast-Paced Combat
  • Great Multiplayer
  • Tight Controls
  • Level Design
  • Art Direction


  • Overpowered Jump Kick
  • Levels Can Sometimes Be Distracting
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