Kickstarting your Miniature Painting Journey with Airbrush Techniques

Embarking on the adventure of miniature painting can be as thrilling as it is meticulous. The craft not only demands patience and precision but also an open mind to explore various painting techniques. Among these, using an airbrush has gained popularity for its ability to breathe life into tiny figures with smooth finishes and intricate […]

Unleashing the Fury: The Best Classic Fighting Video Games of All Time

Fighting video games have been a staple of the gaming industry since its inception. Whether you’re a fan of martial arts, superheroes, or mythical creatures, there’s a fighting game out there that suits your taste. These games have a unique way of combining skill, strategy, and adrenaline-pumping action to keep players coming back for more. […]

Quantifying Clutch Play and Its Significance in CS:GO Matches

Counter Strike 2

In the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), clutch plays are exhilarating moments that can turn the tide of a match and leave fans on the edge of their seats. Clutch plays occur when a player finds themselves in a disadvantaged situation and manages to overcome the odds by outplaying their opponents. These moments not […]

Fun Games You Can Play – And Win Real Money!

GTA V and GTA Online Coming To Next GenGTA V and GTA Online Coming To Next Gen featured image

Video games have been around for many generations. Many people play video games for fun, relaxation, and many other reasons. The fun part of playing video games is that they offer many types of gameplay that can entertain a variety of people. Whether it’s a fast-paced action game, a slow-paced puzzle game, or a story-driven […]

The Mental Agility and Strategy Behind the Card Games

Card games are all about hitting, drawing, discarding, and winning. Fifty-two cards represent infinite mathematical possibilities and countless games. Yet, strategy and mental agility are key to winning, requiring a player’s sole focus. How do card games impact the mind, and how does gameplay naturally increase mental agility? Are games improving the mind, or does […]

The Ultimate Guide to Betting on Esports

Overwatch 2

With the ever-growing popularity of competitive gaming, esports betting has become a thriving market that offers a wide range of betting options. Esports are some of the most action-packed tournaments with endless entertainment. But if you’re new to this world, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you […]

The Best Video Games, Where You Can Gamble

Grand Theft Auto: Online DLC, The Cayo Perico Heist Out Dec 15

Modern video games are much more complex than their predecessors. Instead of following one story and being involved in a single activity, players can explore different places and practice various things which sometimes are barely related to the main story. Side quests, mini-games, and missions are included in these releases to help you experience something […]

No Man’s Sky NEXT Review

No Man's Sky

Over the last few months Hello Games has added free content here and there to fix some issues addressed by fans. The NEXT update is the largest!

The Last of Us: Part Two – Who could be Ellie’s NPC Companion?

Ellie and Friends from The Last of Us 2

It was confirmed for the Last of Us: Part Two that our main character Ellie will have an NPC companion. Much like she was in the original game. Who could this companion be, will we see the return of a series favorite or someone new? Will this NPC be able to fight with Ellie as she encounters danger along her travels.