Nice Slice – a new cutting edge casual arcade game

Nice Slice – a new cutting edge casual arcade game

Skillfully cutting food to many little pieces might the greatest joy of cooking. Kool2Play studio, the makers of the critically acclaimed zen rhythm game Clock Simulator and the trippy visual puzzle Estiman, set out to recreate that nice sensation in a video game. Nice Slice gives you a knife and an endless supply of stuff to cut – the smaller the pieces, the bigger the score.


  • A dynamic endless highscore run full of cutting edge fun
  • An original cast of popculture-inspired sentient cartoon knives
  • Many exciting score-boosting tricks to discover
  • Skill-based gameplay that rewards practice
  • Advanced in-game physics system for realistic, tactile slicing

Nice Slice is on IOS, Android and Windows PC  (Steam)

Check out the Trailer:

It’s a game where you try to cut things into as many little pieces as you can, without missing your mark. The cast of characters consists of some of the sharpest heroes ever. Visit their colorful world filled with choppable food and help them on their quest to achieve perfection, and make every cut a proper nice slice!
What are you waiting for? Just play and chop-chop!- Pick your favorite character among the cast of animated knives, and cut objects to as many tiny pieces as you can. The more accurate your cuts are, the more time you get.

– Discover exciting special actions, complete combos, and unlock more nice things to cut, as you progress

– Hone your precision and sharpen your skills to get extra bonus objects to cut. Your score depends heavily on how difficult or even bizarre your cuts are.

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