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Soldier and Master Chief from Death Stranding and Halo
Soldier and Master Chief from Death Stranding and Halo

Next-Gen Speculations & Updates – Primal Podcast #10

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Next-Gen Speculations & Updates – Primal Podcast #10

Over the last week or so there have been many new rumors in regards to next-gen consoles and even absence of events such as PSX later that many Sony fans were looking forward too. With the recent announcement of the Xbox Mexico City event one begs to find out what is happening over at the Microsoft headquarters and what exactly are they planning for this huge 2-hour event on November 10th, 2019? Will there be a new studio acquisition? More game announcements? Will Battletoads gameplay be finally revealed and can we expect anything from Rocksteady or Rare?  Are we finally gonna get a huge Crackdown 3 blowout along with Gears of War 5? As far as Sony goes, it’s quite obvious at this point that the absence of PSX this year means that they’re preparing to do a major reveal of PlayStation 5 sometime in early 2019 prior to E3 2019 similar to how the PlayStation 4 was announced back in February 2013.

It’s also rumored that Microsoft might be possibly talking about their next console at the Xbox Mexico City event later this year with a full reveal to follow up in early 2019 as well. So what do we gather from all of this? Exciting times are ahead for many fans of gaming and the industry itself. The developers and publishers are going to relieved soon after the next-gen consoles are finally announced and showcased. Come and join us on our 10th Primal Podcast where we discuss the possibilities of what could happen next with Microsoft and Sony in the next-generation console arena.

Let us know what you think the next-generation will bring and what are you most excited for and worried about in the comments section down below. See you next week for our next episode of the Primal Podcast so don’t forget to check back on the website and our YouTube channel.

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