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X0 Event
X0 Event

Xbox’s X0 Event Returns this Year With Some First and Third-Party Announcements

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Xbox’s X0 Event Returns this Year With Some First and Third-Party Announcements

Microsoft announced that after a long hiatus, their Xbox X0 Event will come back as X018, this year’s version of this press/fan event, and it will be held in Mexico City, Mexico on November 10-11. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, announced the event’s return on the previous Inside Xbox episode.

VG24/7 said in a post on their website:

“X018 will be at the heart of this year’s FanFest. Spencer confirmed that fans should expect first and third-party announcements at the show, but sadly didn’t drop any hits. It’s also there that we’ll be having our first look at the mouse and keyboard accessory co-developed by Razer, not to mention learn more about the first games to support mouse and keyboard on Xbox One.”

The event will be presented in a livestream on Mixer November 10-11, and it will also be transmitted a special, two-hour episode of Inside Xbox begining at 1pm PT, 4pm ET, 9pm BST on Saturday, November 10.

Check out the Inside Xbox presentation, where Phil Spencer made the announcement of the upcoming Xbox X0 event:

In the past the X0 events have been very good when it comes to huge reveals and announcements. For example, at the first X0 event in 2001, Microsoft revealed the first Fable game and on the X02 event it was announced Rare’s acquisition.

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For the full article, please visit VG24/7’s website. For more gaming news, visit our website.

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